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FixTechCo is the "seasoned crew" of industry experts, providing quality audio-video, security along with "smart home/intelligent office" systems to the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland areas. As technology advances, FixTechCo stays updated with all of the latest developments in tech world. Our team go above and beyond to offer solutions for all your audio, visual and all around IT challenges.

Make your Home Smart

FixTechCo provides one of the best Smart Home Setup services available, allowing you to have a superb modern and digital home experience without the extra complication of outdated home technology.

Highly skilled tech experts at FixTechCo offer a variety of smart home services, such as smart lock system setups, smart surveillance, and the installation as well as service of a variety of smart home electronic devices.

To sum up, while automating the home set up, we also provide home theater and audio system installation.

Workplace IT solutions. All in one place.

At FixTechCo, our specialties vary from small projects to complete home systems for residential customers as well as, complex work place tech projects. Our pros are available to offer you home theater solutions, control systems, and a wide range of products with a high-level of expertise. When you work with FixTechCo, you work directly with top talent.

Office Technogies, IT solutions

Remote IT Support

Save time and avoid unnecessary trips with FixTechCo's proprietary remote support technology. Access your devices and network from afar and easily resolve issues faced by your end-users.

On-Site Support

The world of cloud computing is growing, but we know not everything can be migrated online. With FixTechCo's services, you get access to  exclusive on-site support, ensuring that everything stays in order.

Server & Workstation Management

Your servers and workstations are your company's window into the digital world. Maintain that opening, keep your business safe, and bring your systems up to date with FixTechCo's management services.

Network Monitoring & Management

Keep the heart of your IT running at full performance with help from experts. With FixTechCo, you don't have to hire an in-house IT team to get top-of-the-line management for your business' network.



Security is a huge concern for everyone connected to the internet, but many businesses lack protection. With FixTechCo at your side, your company can flourish while maintaining safety and being compliant with data privacy acts.

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Fewer things are worse for businesses than losing their data. With FixTechCo BDR solution, you have an extra layer of protection, ensuring the safety of your data and systems in the case of unforeseen breaches and failures.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Evaluating, purchasing, and installing hardware and software is a costly and time-consuming process. With FixTechCo, you are assured the best deals, personalized for your company's needs, while also saving time.

BYOD & Mobile Support

Third-party devices are a big weak point in the security of any business. Overcome this challenge with personalized Bring-Your-Own-Device policies to fit your needs, as well as support for mobile devices, and ensure your network's safety.