Home technology setup and more . . .

Make your Home Smart

FixTechCo provides one of the best Smart Home Setup services available, allowing you to have a superb modern and digital home experience without the extra complication of outdated home technology.

Highly skilled tech experts at FixTechCo offer a variety of smart home services, such as smart lock system setups, smart surveillance, and the installation as well as service of a variety of smart home electronic devices.

To sum up, while automating the home set up, we also provide home theater and audio system installation.

Workplace Technologies Setup & Maintenance

Complete control of domains.

FixTechCo provides a full spectrum of IT services to support organizations that lack the time or resources to manage their technology in-house. Our team of experienced, trusted engineers, programmers, analysts and consultants is ready to handle all of your IT needs.

Event Sound & Lighting


Premium audio systems, digital consoles, and the latest wireless technology are just a fraction of our vast inventory of sound equipment.  Our experienced production specialists will not only make your event look amazing, but they will also provide flawless sound.


State-of-the-art design meets cutting edge technology when our team is involved. Our production and operations team will deliver and implement the most up-to-date and emerging trends in lighting design.

Please email us now at pro@fixtechco.com to schedule our complimentary visit to receive a "service estimate" to your specific tech needs.